Held under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, President of the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority, Chairman of Dubai Airports, Chairman and Chief Executive of Emirates Airline and Group

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Discuss key strategic issues and challenges facing the ATC industry

Civil aviation provides the only rapid worldwide transportation network, which makes it essential for global business and tourism. The air transport infrastructure; aircraft, runways, airport terminals and airspace, together form the air transport system.

Advances in technology along with sustained long-term traffic growth, has increased the interdependence of this infrastructure and its users; aircraft operators, airports and air navigation service providers, across the globe. This underscores the importance of implementation of the ICAO Global Air Navigation Plan, setting the framework for the next decade of civil aviation.

Collaboration and knowledge sharing is at the heart of progress in aviation, whether it be cross border between governments, or among air transport stakeholders including airports; aircraft operators and ANSPs. Industrial partnerships between multiple ANSPs and system suppliers are reducing the risks of developing and deploying the new capabilities, whether defined by ICAO, or harnessing the latest technological developments.

This conference will provide a crucial networking and knowledge sharing opportunity for industry professionals delivering a safe and efficient air transport system today and in the future. It will provide a platform to encourage co-operation and collaboration across the region and between stakeholder groups.

All attendees can enjoy coffee networking and lunch.

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Meet the Speakers


  1. 60 mins
  1. 5 mins
    Chairperson’s Welcome
  1. 15 mins
  1. 20 mins
    Recent research and development programs such as SESAR and the market shift towards remote towers are leading to new functionality for air traffic control and the need to integrate other systems. 
  1. 20 mins
  1. 20 mins
    In Sweden LFV runs the world’s first operational Remote TWR Centre (RTC).
  1. 20 mins
    An insight in to the current position of data link infrastructure, components and applications used around the world as well as highlighting emerging technologies. 
  1. 20 mins
    There is a growing trend towards a software based approach to recording Controller Working Position displays.
  1. 20 mins
    Unmanned Air Traffic Management (UTM) is an essential tool to allow for the safe integration of drone operations in today’s complex airspace and is a mandatory element for the drone industry to emerge. 
  1. 20 mins
    The need for communication at a domestic and international level for ATM business has become perceptible with the potential withdrawal of point-to-point connections from telecommunications providers, thereby creating a need for an IP/MPLS-based network and new business models for new and emerging ATC applications.
  1. 20 mins
    This presentation will provide an overview of how automation has been applied in air navigation and discuss who is really in control with increasing automation and whether automation will eventually take over all processes, including decision making functions.
  1. 70 mins